New Zealand

The New Zealand Rugby League team is known as “The Kiwis”. The team’s colours are black with white. Players are selected from around the world, as New Zealand players compete in a variety of competitions including local domestic competitions, the Australian National Rugby League (NRL) and the British Superleague.

The team first played in a 1907-08 nine month tour. Known as the All Golds they won in Sydney under rugby union rules and beat Britain’s best in two test matches under Northern Union rules, then introduced Rugby League to eastern Australia on the way home.

Since then the Kiwis have regularly competed in international competition, touring Europe and Australia throughout the 20th century. The Kiwis have competed in every Rugby League World Cup since the first in 1954, reaching the final of the past three tournaments.

In 2008 New Zealand made history by winning the World Cup for the first time.

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