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Japan name changes to Emerging Nations squad

The Japanese Rugby League has announced a series of changes to the Japanese Samuaris squad that is set to take part in the upcoming Emerging Nations World Championship in Sydney this October.

After Yuta Ohba and Sean Okabe were forced to withdraw with injuries, the JRL has named four new players to join the squad. The new players are Futoshi Karino, Reiji Sano, Douglas Streeter and Brisbane based, Jaye Brown bringing the squad to 20 players.

Japan will play Turkey and Poland in the group stages of the tournament.

Updated Japanese Samurais Squad:
Kazuki Fukushige – Sydney University
Lachlan Grieve – Kansai Kaminari
Amane Konishi – South Ikebukuro Rabbitohs
Yuki Mochizuki – Sydney University
Itaru Matsuo – Marybrough Brothes
Enemarki Shibasaki – Townsville Black Hawks
Gehamat Shibasaki – Brisbane Broncos
Kenshi Tsutsui – Tokyo-Shinjuku Giants
Sean Gabites – Tokyo-Shinjuku Giants
Taou Sugano – Tokyo-Shinjuku Giants
Gorka Gerediaga Etxaburu – Tokyo 13 Warriors
Hiroshi Fukasawa – Tokyo 13 Warriors
Kenta Karino – Tokyo 13 Warriors
Kohei Ishikawa – South Ikebukuro Rabbitohs
Keisuke Nakai – Kansai Kaminari
Akihito Kashiwaba – Tokyo 13 Warriors
Jaye Brown – Griffith Redbacks
Futoshi Karino – Tokyo 13 Warriors
Reiji Sano – Tokyo 13 Warriors
Douglas Streeter – Tokyo 13 Warriors

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